Dear Santosh,
I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed your session on Saturday. I went in expecting to learn how to meditate and how to utilise it all day instead of just the 20 minutes in the morning.
Your whole concept of using the pointers on a daily basis and throughout all our thought processes is a great tool and something that I already have tried to put into place.
At this stage I can see it working when I brush my teeth, eat my breakfast – I now remember the “space” and hey you will now have all these people thinking of you when they brush their teeth (sorry that is my sense of humour).
I have also found it easier to listen and be more attentive to my kids when they are talking to me – so THANKYOU for that in itself. Both myself and my friend Lyndall both have racing minds continuously day in and day out. I now understand or think that whilst I have recently seen the doctor to be tested for onset of early dementia I now think that it is highly possible it is “my racing mind” that plays the major role in me not listening, hearing and retaining what is going on in my surroundings. If I can utilise the “space” then I am sure that this will eliminate most of these issues. If that is the case I can’t thankyou enough. You will have given back to me some normality which in turn may help to build my self esteem again.
I am a fond believer now that “out of bad there comes some good to follow” and in saying that I can see that it is true in your case where you hit rock bottom but it has enabled you to look at life from a different perspective and it in turn has given you a life back of good things. I guess I am hoping for the same so I am willing to keep trying this new profound way of thinking and hope that my story will be as enlightening as yours.
Thankyou Santosh for taking the time to bring this to other people in order for them to have happy and full filled lives. I endeavour to take the time to attend some of your regular sessions, however, as I live 1.5-2hrs away I unfortunately won’t be able to get there as often as I would like.
Keep smiling, keep doing what you are passionate about as you are definately changing peoples lives for the better.
Kindest regards,

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