Santosh Nambiar

I know the feeling all too well — being stuck, as if you’re just getting by in life. After spending years climbing the corporate ladder, suffering from severe stress and facing a serious health scare, I stumbled upon a transformative discovery: The Art of Conscious Balance.

It’s not just a concept; it’s a practice. It’s my own way of balancing the intellect we gather from the world and the deeper intelligence within us. This has taken me beyond day-to-day survival, unlocking a depth of creativity and purpose I never thought possible.

Wondering how ? I’ve captured my journey and the practices that guided me in my book, “The Art of Conscious Balance” and I’d like to share it with you. But don’t just take my word for it, dive in now and try it yourself. And trust me, the sooner you start exploring this, the better.

Knowing when to use the Intellect, when to keep it away, allowing the Intelligence to act through in our life is what I call 'The Art of Conscious Balance"

Life threw me a curveball and sent me on a deeper mission.

I’ve been there – scaled the corporate ladder, sat on global leadership teams and grown a startup into a multimillion dollar business. But despite ticking all those boxes, I didn’t experience true fulfilment. Instead, I was absorbed by stress and anxiety, feeling like nothing was working for me. My wake-up call? A cancer misdiagnosis, later revealed to be tuberculosis.

This traumatic time triggered a period of deep introspection and was the beginning of a transformational journey. After six gruelling months of treatment, I didn’t just recover physically; I experienced a spiritual reawakening. Creating my own mindset methodology, I was able to shift from relying on mere survival mechanisms, to plug into what I call “unlimited intelligence”.

And what happened next was phenomenal. 

I’ve penned six books – most recently The Art of Conscious Balance – sharing my life-changing methodology with readers across the globe.

I’ve delivered workshops and mentoring to over 2,000 participants, guiding them on their own journey to a more positive life.

I founded and have grown Assay Matrix, streamlining the delivery of essential research kits and products to life researchers across Australia and New Zealand, levelling the global playing field.

Looking back, I marvel at the heights we’re all capable of achieving with the right mindset. Today, my mission is to share, enlighten, and inspire. Don’t wait for a curveball before you seek a deeper life purpose and clarity. Whether you’re drawn to my books, keen on my methodology, or   interested in a journey of  self – introspection like mine, I’m here to share and partner with you.

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