Santosh Nambiar

In the wildest of his dreams, Santosh never even imagined the possibility of being an author and publishing books. You may wonder what experience or situation inspired him into conveying his life experiences in words?

As with many inspiring authors and artists, Santosh’s authorship was inspired by a traumatic incident, leaving him questioning all of his life’s choices. In 2002, young Santosh was forced to accept his own inevitable death. However, through some miraculous feat of universal divinity, he survived his death sentence and was reborn as a completely new individual. It was after this tragic experience that Santosh began questioning all his perceptions and expectations about life and society. During his inspiring inner journey of self- discovery, Santosh stumbled upon a simple Truth of life. A truth which touched him and helped him in all aspects of his life. In order to share this simple truth, Santosh put his pen to paper. He published his first book in 2012 – A new way of living. He has since published 5 books. In his latest book Santosh shares his own experience on ‘The Art of Conscious Balance’.

How this Conscious balance of the intellect and intelligence will help you break free from your own mind conceived self. How this will harness the full potential in you and bring about peace, creativity, emotional well being and clarity to be free to live your purpose and above all a well- grounded conscious living.

Knowing when to use the Intellect, when to keep it away, allowing the Intelligence to act through in our life is what I call 'The Art of Conscious Balance"

Santosh Nambiar is the founder of the non-profit organisation Life a Meditation and Mindnoise Matters. Santosh is also registered as a mindfulness guide with the Meditation Association of Australia.

Santosh is the author of internationally acclaimed book A New Way of Living. His other book include, In Between Thoughts, Intellect vs Intelligence and Taking Your Life from Mediocrity to Creativity. His new book The Art of Conscious Balance takes a different route exploring his own personal pathway to clarity, peace, and purpose.

Santosh has a background in Molecular Biology and an MBA from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He is the founder of a Biotech company based in Melbourne which provides support to universities in Australia and New Zealand towards biomedical research in finding a cure for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and ailments that threaten humanity’s health. Santosh lives in suburban Melbourne with his family of four.

When Santosh is not working on his new book, conducting mindfulness workshops, or charting a new course in his business, he is usually on his bike meandering the less-trodden regional areas of Victoria, taking in the breathtaking scenery of the little towns. He is also an avid fan of practical jokes, and enjoys watching countless YouTube videos of innocent people being pranked. He also likes pranking members of his own family at home.

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