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What to expect

Our sessions are engaging and informative. We dwell deeply on the theory of how to deepen our Conscious awareness in simple and easy to understand language based on scientific underpinnings and facts. We will provide simple practical pointers and techniques that you can put into practice straight away in your daily life situations.

This conscious awareness can help you in your daily life to:

  • Live in the present and enjoy each moment to the fullest.
  • Quiet your mindnoise and deal with difficult thoughts and emotions.
  • Deal with fear, anger, anxiety, and stress.
  • Rediscover a life of wellbeing.
  • Brain management: Moving from mediocrity to creativity.
  • How to access your own innate intelligence for higher creativity.
  • End confusion and conflict. Discover clarity and creativity in all aspects of your life.
  • Time management.
Strategies and plans

It’s not rocket science. Being conscious and staying mindful is in our innate nature. Why have we forgotten this?

Somewhere, in our upbringing, our conditioned behaviours clouded our consciousness. We have become less mindful and less self-aware. We need to return to our conscious, blissful innate state.

Our workshops will help you recognise the innocent, joyous and conscious individual you once were, while guiding you on your own individual journey of self-discovery and purpose. The simple practices we share will remind you to become more self-aware and mindful during your day-to-day living, and encourage you to embrace each moment completely.

You don’t  have to use these practices for long, only until it becomes second nature to you.

Soon you will be on your way to rediscovering your true self and leading a purposeful and fulfilling life…

If you are saying, ‘I don’t have the time to practice this’, then good news…

You don’t have to allocate time from your busy schedule to practice Conscious awareness. This simple, effortless practice can be done wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You can be at work, at home, at the supermarket or just going out for a walk in the park. It’s as simple as that!

What we do

Our mind is a great tool, which is very much required for our survival. We can use it whenever we require, to either go back into the past and retrieve knowledge that we have stored in our memory. We can also use it to go into the future whenever we require, for example to plan a holiday. During the rest of the time it should remain idle in the present.

Ideally for us humans this control of the mind is possible only if we are conscious or self aware. However, most of the time we are unaware and therefore the mind takes control and wanders on it’s own into the distant past or imaginary future. This creates a lot of mind noise which can create a lot of anxiety, stress, and frustration in our lives. Mindnoise therefore matters.

How do we do it?

We humans are mostly consumed by our mind. Our thoughts keep us trapped in the past memory or imagining the future. Both of these can cause a lot of suffering, anxiety, and stress in our lives. This suffering stems from the fact that we are not conscious of our thoughts. We are unaware of our thoughts taking us to the past and future. Our thoughts have complete control over us. Therefore, we seldom embrace this moment.

Isn’t it time to finally take control? Can we choose to be someone who can control our thoughts— someone who is the master of our mind?

With a bit of practice, we can certainly regain control. Our sessions and books will help provide simple and easy pointers to practice in your journey, to regain Conscious awareness in your life. Once you achieve control over your mind you can use it as an effective tool in your life, ensuring heightened productivity and creativity in your life. We will finally achieve peace of mind!

Journey of Liberation

Conscious Awareness

Bring about a deeper and absolute awareness of your unwanted mind-conceived noise in your head. This will birth a deeper awareness within you and allow a greater experience of life.

Conscious Balance

Deeper conscious awareness helps you to live a Conscious and balanced life. It encourages a life in which you are able to live mindfully.


Conscious living will help you remain calm, peaceful and bring presence into your inner world, even if there is chaos and turbulence on the outer.


Calm, peace and presence within you will bring about greater clarity of purpose.


Clarity, presence and conscious living, which comes with Conscious awareness, will help bring about a deeper sense of connectedness to every other form. It will encourage selfless unconditional love, compassion and connection, and bring about harmonious growth and wellbeing to mankind and the planet.

Artboard 21

Clarity, presence and peace will bring about greater creativity in our day-to-day chores.


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