Liberation from your conditioned mind is Absolute Freedom

Are you ready to silence the unwanted mindnoise from your life?
The simple awareness of your conditioned mind will set you on the path to freedom from unwanted mindnoise, paving the way for peace, creativity, emotional wellbeing and clarity. Allow yourself to be free and live a more purposeful, grounded and conscious life.

"It is in the nature of the mind to wander—into the past and future. However, it is in our innate nature to observe this wandering mind. Most often, we forget this. Hence, we struggle."

Our Story

We have heard people say, ‘Live in the present’ or ‘Live in the now’. Have you ever thought what they mean by that? Logic says we can only exist in the present moment. So why are we confined to our shadowed past or the metaphorical world of the future?

Our wandering minds can instigate anxiety and stress, even physical ailments. Unfortunately, we don’t always have control of our own minds, do we? It’s easy to let our mindnoise get in the way. So, how can we bring about the control we need? Is it a question of habit?

With a simple technique — The Art of Conscious Balance — we can guide you to embrace and foster Conscious awareness into your life. The practise of Conscious awareness will enable you to regain control over your mind and freedom from unwanted mindnoise, ensuring peace, creativity, wellbeing and clarity in your life.

Peace, freedom and emotional wellbeing begins with you.
It’s your journey.
We are simply here to guide…

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Our Books

The Art of Conscious Balance
Life can often feel as though we’re perpetually banging our heads against a wall, caught in a cycle of mere survival rather than true fulfilment. Santosh Nambiar’s "The Art of Conscious Balance" is a beacon for those trapped in this maze of monotony. From climbing the corporate ladder, and grappling with debilitating anxiety, to facing a serious medical misdiagnosis, Santosh embarked on a path of profound self-discovery. And what happened next was phenomenal. Santosh unearthed a methodology that shifted him from mere survival, feeling like he was “just scraping by” to plug into what he terms “unlimited intelligence” — unleashing a level of creativity and purpose he never thought possible. "The Art of Conscious Balance" chronicles this transformative journey, guiding readers to harness their innate intelligence and potential. It’s an invitation to reflect, explore, and find your own path to a meaningful life. But don't just take his word for it – try it, live it, and witness the transformation for yourself.
Intellect vs Intelligence
When the limited intellect surrenders and paves the way for the unlimited intelligence to operate in you, you thrive. Everything begins to happen for you. Freedom, creativity, beauty and joy prevails. How can we access that intelligence?
A New Way of Living
One simple step to a living a life without fear. This straightforward guide is to a life free from fear, anger and stress. It is easy to read, logical and offers simple practices to help in our daily life situations. A new way of living.
Life A Meditation
You may have experienced intense peace and stillness when sitting in the silence of meditation. How many of use lose that peace the minute we step out of that quiet room? This book will help you maintain that space of peace no matter where you are.
In Between Thoughts
Your brain is constantly engaged in the thinking process. Most of the time you are unaware of the incessant ‘chatter’ going on in your mind because you have tuned it out. This book will show you how to find the space of peace between thoughts.

Journey of Liberation

Liberation from our conditioned mind is Absolute Freedom
Understand what causes the unwanted mindnoise in your head. How does this contribute to anxiety, stress and fear in your life? Can we find freedom form this unwanted mindnoise?


What to expect
Our sessions are engaging and informative. We dwell deeply on the theory of how to deepen our Conscious awareness in simple and easy to understand language based on scientific underpinnings and facts. We will provide simple practical pointers and techniques that you can put into practice straight away in your daily life situations. This conscious awareness can help you in your daily life to:
  • Live in the present and enjoy each moment to the fullest.
  • Quiet your mindnoise and deal with difficult thoughts and emotions.
  • Deal with fear, anger, anxiety, and stress.
  • Rediscover a life of wellbeing.
  • Brain management: Moving from mediocrity to creativity.
  • How to access your own innate intelligence for higher creativity.
  • End confusion and conflict. Discover clarity and creativity in all aspects of your life.
  • Time management.
Strategies and plans

It’s not rocket science. Being conscious and staying mindful is in our innate nature. Why have we forgotten this?

Somewhere, in our upbringing, our conditioned behaviours clouded our consciousness. We have become less mindful and less self-aware. We need to return to our conscious, blissful innate state.

Our workshops will help you recognise the innocent, joyous and conscious individual you once were, while guiding you on your own individual journey of self-discovery and purpose. The simple practices we share will remind you to become more self-aware and mindful during your day-to-day living, and encourage you to embrace each moment completely.

You don’t  have to use these practices for long, only until it becomes second nature to you.

Soon you will be on your way to rediscovering your true self and leading a purposeful and fulfilling life…

If you are saying, ‘I don’t have the time to practice this’, then good news…

You don’t have to allocate time from your busy schedule to practice Conscious awareness. This simple, effortless practice can be done wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You can be at work, at home, at the supermarket or just going out for a walk in the park. It’s as simple as that!

Conscious Awareness

Bring about a deeper and absolute awareness of your unwanted mind-conceived noise in your head. This will birth a deeper awareness within you and allow a greater experience of life.

Conscious Balance

Deeper conscious awareness helps you to live a Conscious and balanced life. It encourages a life in which you are able to live mindfully.


Conscious living will help you remain calm, peaceful and bring presence into your inner world, even if there is chaos and turbulence on the outer.


Calm, peace and presence within you will bring about greater clarity of purpose.


Clarity, presence and conscious living, which comes with Conscious awareness, will help bring about a deeper sense of connectedness to every other form. It will encourage selfless unconditional love, compassion and connection, and bring about harmonious growth and wellbeing to mankind and the planet.

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Clarity, presence and peace will bring about greater creativity in our day-to-day chores.

The information on our website, in our books, workshops or sessions do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement or form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. If you have any existing medical conditions please refer to your doctor about the suitability of attending the workshop/session. The intent of the sessions is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for your general wellbeing. In the event you use any of the information in the book(s) provided or during the workshop for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and ‘mindnoise’ assume no responsibility for your actions.

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