Dear Santosh,
I had such a meaningful time yesterday, and today am trying to put your deceptively simple guides into practice.
At the moment i am enhancing the spirituality and wisdom bagua of my house – and bringing spiritual resources into this space.
Yesterday, when you were speaking of the universal consciousness I kept visualising the beauty of my teacher’s face. Your talking reminded me of the pledges I make when in this energy and how easily I abandon them. You have given me a renewed focus to practice in order to deal with my mind stuff in relation to not being able to handle large groups and egos. I have a new approach that i hope i will stay committed to practising in order to deal with my strong reactions.

I thank you for your simple and profound presentation and for your kind attention to our orientation and comfort.

I wish you every and continuing success, and look forward to attending many more sessions – the mind is so devious and slides away from the clarity and . . . what ever that is also . . .that you evidence.

with thanks again,

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