Firstly I enjoyed it very much. Your presentation was clear and I think your concepts were explained well. I do have experience with meditation and Buddhist teaching, so for me it was easy to grasp.
Still, I am always seeking knowledge and every experience is an opportunity to learn. I definitely learnt from your session, as I gained your perspective.
I especially enjoyed your black line concept and the space between thoughts. I appreciated your microbiology angle; it gave some physicality to a sometimes abstract concept. I find pleasure in reading about quantum mechanics and seeing similarities with ancient spiritual teachings, particularly Vedic and Buddhist philosophies.
I encourage you to stay on your path because you have the wisdom to assist human beings who are suffering to begin to heal themselves.
It is my belief that people can only discover their inner nature through illness and crisis or through death. So it was humbling to hear your story. I too had a crisis a few years ago, which has led me down my path to wisdom and compassion. However, I am aware that it is only a belief and nothing is ever true or false!

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