Dear Santosh,

It is a mystery, I was able to receive your teachings so simply. I found (and find) them to be heartfelt, sincere, authentic, simple and full of right intention and love. I thank you for your presence and guidance.

This session I found to be particularly clear – it is exactly what I need to hear and practise. Thank you for the simplicity and immediacy of your teaching – it is transporting. Glenice’s story also impacted on me the sense of urgency required to even begin and sustain a practice. How moving . .

And thankyou for your heartfelt communication to Glenice – including us – a rare deed from a true and loving soul.

I thank you very much – your message and presence are a gift now in my life. I look forward to meeting again, and continuing to practise the pointers and reminders,

yours sincerely,

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