I want to say thank you very much for the day. Your workshop gave me a much clearer understanding of mindfulness and as a result I feel that I have achieved a lot in the past week. I agree that it takes discipline as we are so used to just letting our thoughts wander but I now am aware when this is happening and am able to bring myself back to the present.

Following the workshop I thought it would have been good to spend some more time on the pointers, but I now realise that you can’t really practice these things until you are actually going about your own day to day life.

I have found the pointers and my ability to simply observe my feelings have stopped some disagreements with my eldest daughter from escalating into a major arguement and for that I am very grateful.

I also think the first part of the session where you gave us a good understanding of the theory of thoughts was invaluable and this knowledge also helps me to have control over my mind as I am able to look at my thoughts and emotions almost from the view of a third person and be a lot more objective about what I am experiencing at the time.

So overall I am very glad I came along to your workshop. You explained things in a very clear way and I felt comfortable enough to be able to ask questions. Your teachings have certainly given me the tools to live my life mindfully which I am sure will not only benefit me but my family too.

I look forward to those longer gaps between thoughts so I can gain the clarity I need to find my passion and purpose in life.

Many thanks.

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