It was nice meeting you in person. Your presentation and personal painful experience were inspiring and enlightening, even though it was of introductory nature, understandably, because of the mix of audience. This is not a light topic that can be covered in two-hours. As the name suggests “Life A Meditation”, it is indeed a life long process.
Both my sister and I find the pointers you talked about interesting and useful. Seeing the space around a person, and always bringing the thoughts into the center, or present are something we can put into practice immediately.
When I heard about your presentation, I said to myself to put aside all the pre-conceived ideas, and let the universe fill me up with the required wisdom, and it did.
I do hope that I did not hijack the session by posing questions and comments. I just felt the need to draw from you answers to my quest. Do keep us posted if you decide to run more sessions in the future.

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