Hi Santosh
Thank you for your session, I really enjoyed it and have taken from it a couple of things that have come to my mind today. If each of us can take at least one thing then it is successful.

I have caught myself taking myself back to the ‘present’ quite a few times today and if I touch the middle of my head it really helps to ground me. I am going through a difficult period at work and have a meeting tomorrow which could be stressful but actually I feel quite calm for and happy about now. I don’t want to the think of the past negative things that have caused the meeting, I feel happy even if my job is finishing, and I will only focus on the now.
(1) I related very well to the pictures AND everything that you put up. Your examples of every day things were brilliant everyday things and sitting just with silence emptying my mind for the first time was amazing. I was scared sometimes that I would go to sleep. I’ve never really done that and it is crazy because I live alone.

(2) I also loved the lunch provided. I would ask them to cater a bit more protein in their sandwich fillings if they can but no big deal I enjoyed it very much.

(3) I really liked the 11am start time. If you started any earlier it would be difficult for those on the other side of town to get there – I came from Sydenham over near Taylors Hills.

Small suggestions for improvement to consider:

(1) Could you add what the 4 D’s stand for on your chart. I kept finding myself trying to remember them and could only get 3 even though you mentioned them twice and that was distracting me.

(2) Can you add car parking info on your invites. It was great it was free parking Sunday but if a session we would need to know in advance where to park and how much money to bring as in coins etc.

Finally Santosh again thank you very much for running that session

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