Dear Santosh,

The session on Saturday was helpful in getting me back on track.
Although I meditate 4-5 times a week, it is not enough to get me through day to day challenges.
Last year when I attended your 2hr session with Laura, I felt that what you said made a lot of sense. It resonated with me. I then read your book ( Life a meditation) & started using the pointer of watching my thoughts.

However in time old habits/ conditioning crept back in.
I attended the workshop on Saturday as a refresher.
I hope that one day I will be able to throw the ‘ladder away’ and live a life of peace & joy free from anxiety, anger etc.

I know that these emotions will always arise but I am getting better at not reacting.
I am now including the pointer of observing the space around objects & people to help me stay in the present.

I will incorporate this in my daily life & see how I progress.
During Saturday ‘s session I did manage to feel calmer & stay in the moment. The 5 hrs seemed to pass quickly.
I was also blessed to meet Glenys as she is inspiring & proof that living in the moment does bring peace, freedom and good health.

The follow up meetings will be invaluable through discussion & sharing experiences.

Once again, thank you Santosh for helping me along my life journey.


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