Distinguishing Intelligence from Intellect: A Way of Bettering Oneself

Surpassing the limitations of human intellect and tapping into endless wisdom


Melbourne, Australia – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Intellect vs. Intelligence by Santosh Nambiar

Founder of Life a Meditation and a registered meditation teacher, Santosh Nambiar talks about the difference between one’s intellect and the shared expansive intelligence of the world in his latest book, In Between thoughts. In the book, Nambiar explains how humans cripple themselves with self-imposed limitations—of how human intellect operates against the wisdom of the universe. The author asserts that emotions such as fear, anger, stress, and anxiety are mere traps that the mind has created for itself. The book suggests of self-inquiry as a constant practice essential to achieving peace and stillness of the mind, and that awareness of the vastness of the universe is a necessary action for the human mind to conceive limitless possibilities. “This is a wonderful, highly practical text,” says Fiona Hyde, principal of Williamstown Yoga and Meditation. She continues, “As a yoga teacher with over two decades of experience, I feel that it contains valuable teachings on how to live a more conscious life and how to maximise one’s full creative potential.” 'In between thoughts' is available in leading book stores. In between Thoughts Written by Santosh Nambiar Paperback | $21.83 Book copies are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Angus & Robertson, Booktopia, and other online book retailers.

About the Author Santosh Nambiar is an author and a registered meditation teacher from the Meditation Association of Australia. He holds a degree in molecular biology and a master’s degree in business administration from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. He is also the author of A New Way of Living, Life: A Meditation, Lost in the Noise, and Is This It? Taking Your Life from Mediocrity to Creativity. More information about the author and his books at www.santoshnambiar.com.

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