Why were you unmindful?

Our own mind that is heavily conditioned takes us through various vicious cycles. One such cycle is the Desire -> Attachment -> Fear -> Stress & Anxiety -> Dis-ease -> Deterioration. We may know this well, yet we do not have a control over it.

Let us say you have a reasonably good car that transports you to wherever you want to go. Your friend or a colleague just bought a fancy looking expensive car with all the bells and whistles. Now, there is this instant Desire. "I wish I had that car”. This desire is quite natural. Hang on. Let’s; see what happens next... Unbeknownst to you, your conditioned mind latches on to this desire. See what happens next. The desire has become a dire need or desperation. " I need that car" "I can't live without it" or "I am not complete without it" Now all our effort and energy is spent on fulfilling that desire. You go to the bank, borrow money beyond what you can afford. You have finally managed to secure the car. You are proud of it and you are now attached to that car. Now the same mind which made you desperate to purchase the car will say - How are you going to pay for the car? What if you lose the job? What if the bank comes after you to take back your car and so on... there is FEAR. This constant Fear will lead you to Stress and Anxiety ultimately leading you into Dis-ease and so on.

Desire is a natural reaction of the manifested physical being. But your conditioned mind latching on to that Desire is not natural. This happens only when one is unmindful, unconscious or unaware. You have given away the power to that conditioned mind. You have become a slave. Had you been mindful, conscious, attentive or aware (all these words point to the same) you would have been conscious of your conditioned mind latching on to that desire and then empowering it to lead you into that vicious cycle.

Why were you unmindful? - because the mind has taken you away from the present into the future or to the past. What do I do to become mindful? - Bring yourself back to the present? How? - Use any pointers.

Or simply,

Observe that conditioned mind moment to moment. When you do, You are constantly in the PRESENT/ AWARE. Now, you become the master and your conditioned mind, the slave.

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