Why has this simple truth eluded us?

The so called ‘truth’ about our own primordial state, our innateness or our state of being or shall I say the state of being in the Present has eluded us and continue to do so. Why?

Many have spoken about this ‘truth’ in the past. Many continue to write about it even today. Therefore this is not New stuff. There are numerous number of books in the bookstore describing about it. We have read them all. Yet in real life we are unable to put it to practice. We are unable to live in the Present. We are not comfortable living in the Present. Our mind is always wandering into the past or into the future which creates a lot of unwanted anxiety, stress, anger and fear.

Our mind that has been heavily conditioned needs to know, understand, grasp, get a handle on everything. The mind says, ‘this is how it should be’ or ‘This can't be like this’, ‘this has meaning’ or ‘this has no meaning’. The mind continues to Judge,compare, criticise, analyse, have an Opinion and form theories.

Have you noticed that mind, your own mind, which is constantly judging, trying to understand, get a handle on everything, has an opinion on everything, has likes and dislikes? Notice it for a moment.

This mind has to come to a standstill. When it happens in that silence the ‘truth’ or the ‘profound knowing’ will be revealed. As long as the conditioned mind with all it’s conditioned thinking ( thoughts) continue to exist in you, the so called "truth" will elude you or slip away.

Unlike all other things in life you cannot grasp this with your mind or understand it with your mind.

Observe that conditioned mind of yours. Be aware of it, Be conscious of it, Be mindful of it. In that moment of observation (or awareness) the mind is quiet. In that Quietness, all will be revealed. Don’t try to understand it. It's futile.

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