Why don’t they change?

Have you noticed that there is always an urge/desire to correct others and change the world? A feeling of - Why don't they get it?. They need to change. I am right and everyone else is wrong, therefore, they need to change. We go about trying to change others, trying to teach others. There is not an iota of doubt that the change. may have to happen to us as an Individual from within.

There are 2 kinds of Knowing:

First is pretty much mind conceived, acquired from books, scriptures, from what others have said and perhaps from our own experience in life which is all stored away in our brain in the form of memory. This mind conceived knowing/knowledge may be limited and at best intellectual. A bloated feeling of “I know” - Comes with it a feeling of an arrogance of knowing. This mind conceived limited acquired knowing is where we set out to change others, correct others - “They don't get it. They need to change”.

The second kind of knowing happens when the first kind, the mind conceived, limited acquired knowing surrenders and says “I don't know”. When that mind conceived limited, intellectual knowing surrenders, that quietness, paves way for the real profound unlimited knowing to happen. I call this intelligence or profound knowing. When this happens, there is no arrogance or ego of the knowing/knowledge. This knowing/ knowledge makes one realize that the correction or change has to happen to me. I am a bundle of ignorance. I need to shed light on my own ignorance. This individual then constantly sheds light on his/her own ignorance rather than on others around.

Observe that conditioned ignorance in each of us. We may be looking and acting through that glass of conditioned behaviors in life. Shed light on that ignorance. This is within our control. When we change, in other words, when that glass of conditioning through which we are looking is gone, there is much Joy, Freedom, Love, and benevolence. When we change, the world around us may change.

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