Strange are the ways of the mind…

Strange are the ways of our own mind, isn't it? Why do we all wake up in the morning? We force ourselves to wake up, is it not? We have no choice, we need to earn that dollar to pay our bills, pay our mortgage, pay for the bells and whistles including that fancy new car or the luxury boat that we (our Mind) have acquired. Therefore, we have to force ourselves to wake up from bed. We are mostly doing a job that we loathe. We have to, in order to get that dollar. Our passion in life may be something different. For Now, we don't have time for that. We need to earn that dollar to pay for the things.

Come to think of it, the whole thing looks like a rat on a circular wheel trying to get to a piece of cheese tucked away somewhere at the top, it is trying hard, hard but can never get to the cheese. Tired, worn out and frustrated the rat still keeps going.

The cheese for us may be the financial freedom that we are looking for. Peace or freedom that we are seeking Can we achieve it with our mind?

The mind conceived target for financial freedom may be 1M. You have done all the hard yards to achieve that 1M But your mind now says, that's not enough I need 1.5M to be financially free and there goes again. You are trapped in that mind conceived vicious cycle. Can you ever be free?

When you are free of your own conditioned mind only then can you be truly free. How can I be free of that conditioned mind? Be that awareness always watching that ' conditioned mind' that tricks you... How can I be aware? Use any pointers that you know of to bring yourself back to awareness (or Presence) You are now totally free. Free from the grip of your own mind.

Now, we don't have to force ourselves to wake up in the morning. We wake up because there is a New dawn waiting for us. A NEW dawn in which Peace, clarity, creativity, Joy, Compassion, Unconditional love and ONEness prevail. We have all the time in the world to smell the rose and enjoy the spectacle of nature unfolding before us. Our manifestation on this earth has a newfound meaning and purpose.

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