Seek…We all do don’t we?

Seek, we all do, don't we? Some seek power, some money and lots of it, for some it's things after things and for some others it's spirituality.

There is nothing wrong with seeking. However if the seeking comes from that mind conceived you may be frustrated and disappointed. Perhaps why we feel INCOMPLETE even after seeking and acheving things after things in life, we never feel COMPLETE. Do we? There is just that one more thing I need to achieve and then I will be complete. Does this ever end? This goes on like cat and mouse game. does it not?

In order to get some kind of freedom from this vicious cycle of constant seeking It's is very important to know who is the SEEKER in you? Look carefully, Is not the seeker that MIND conceived FALSE which has been leading you down the garden path for several years. If one is able realise this and expose that false SEEKER then the seeking ends once and for all. The need to complete oneself by acquiring and achieving and thereby the need to enhance once own self,ends. There may be some things we may need to do in our physical manifested existance but the need or the urge to consntanly seek and enhance one's own self and then to feel complete is no longer there. There is no longer a destination and everything is journey and a beautiful one without having to have the anxiety to reach a destination and another and so on.

Expose that seeker in you. Realise the seeker in you. Once you expose that seeker in you and realise that it's your own conditioned mind which has been taking you for a ride you will immediately end the seeking.

We are already COMPLETE. We feel Incomplete because of the Conditioned mind (the seeker).

How do I expose or realise the SEEKER?

The thought gives rise to the seeker. The thought says - 'I need to achieve that in order for me to complete myself' It's just a thought - Observe that thought which has taken you away from the Present into the fantasy world of the future or the past. Use any pointers to bring yourself pack to the Present. The seeker ( thought) is exposed. You are now COMPLETE.

May that cloud of fallacy within us be exposed.

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