why is there so much confusion and lack of clarity?

We all are confronted with various challenges in life, aren't we? Let us not call it a challenge, but life situations, You may be stuck in a job that you don't like. You want to move on...but something is holding you back. You are unable to pursue your passion. You are unable to take that bold decision for fear of the conseqences ahead. There is fear, confusion, anxiety and frustration. Challenges, like these that confront us are many. Often we struggle with it. We do not know the path forward. We do not know the apt decision to make. We are confused. Should I or Should I not? We ask our friends, our colleagues, our parents for suggestions. These suggestions make us all the more confused. Don't they? Why is there so much confusion and lack of clarity?

Look at the plants, animals and birds. They thrive in nature. A bird sitting on a branch of a tree doesn't think where to fly to next. Shall I go to the next branch? Will I fall if I do so? It just moves and flies around with freedom. Likewise a small seed sprouts and grows up into a large tree, it flowers and yields fruit pretty much without any confusion. Come winter it knows to shed its leaves and go into dormancy to preserve energy. The perfect example of intelligence in action.

Unlike plants, animals and birds, we humans use the limited intellect rather than the unlimited intelligence. We use the limited acquired knowledge from the past stored in our brain in the form of memory (which I call Intellect) in order to make a decision for the challenges that we face today. What is stored in the brain is all acquired from various sources and there is bound to be confusion. Observe that thought moving back, and by default accessing that past memory ( intellect) stored in the brain what we call thinking. ( Please note, that some memory may be useful to survive in this physically manifested world). The moment you observe the thought activity there is a space of no thoughts. A space of silence. In that silence you allow that unlimited profound intelligence to act through you. It now gives you the perfect answers to the challenges confronting you, a path forward, answers that are complete, apt and the outcome magical.

Confide in that intelligence rather than the intellect. There is so much clarity, freedom, joy and creativity within that devine touch of intelligence.

the word intelligence is also known by consciousness, awareness, spaciousness, nothingness, formless, higher energy, spirit, god and so on...

How can I access that intelligence? Use any pointers to bring yourself back to the Present. Only in the present, when there is no movement of thought, can you access that intelligence, rather the intelligence will act through you.

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