Returning back to our primordial state can happen only NOW...

I was on my regular evening walk yesterday when my eyes caught the attention of a rather attractive looking, what seemed like a packet. I picked it up and realised it was a cigarette packet. The packet although attractive it had a horrifying picture of the damaged lungs due to cigarette smoking and a warning which says - 'smoking can kill'. The person who had consumed this whole packet conveniently chose to ignore the WARNING/REMINDER/POINTER. Our lungs and other organs are nothing but a bundle of tissues which are formed of several million cells. The organs have a threshold that can withstand some amount of damage from the cigarette, but a day comes when the organ gives up and and says "I can't take it anymore". We then enter a state called - dis-ease. The organs (the cells) are not at ease, resulting in cancer, stroke and so on. This person now has no other choice but to quit smoking, once and for all. This realisation has come at a cost and often a bit too late.

Come to think of it, returning back to our innateness, realising our primordial nature or what is commonly known as being in the Present, is somewhat similar in nature. We have a choice to come back. But we conveniently choose to ignore the POINTERS/WARNINGS/REMINDERS and continue to struggle, with the stress, fear, anger and anxiety and so on until a day comes when it may be a bit too late for us to turn back. Not being in the present, or shall I say, unwanted compulsive thinking can/may cause the same damage to our organs and tissues much similar to a cigarette can, resulting in dis-ease.

We now have a choice to return to our primordial state, a state of being in the present and enjoying a life of freedom, love, Joy, compassion, benevolence, clarity and creativity or we can continue to struggle like the person who continues to smoke until his/her organs give up due to deterioration.

Living in the NOW, being in the Present is effortless and conserves all our energy. Our organs thrive, our brain is so fresh and uncluttered resulting in profound creativity.

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