like the unconditional love mothers have for their children...

I picked up the phone over the weekend and called my mother who now lives in the USA with my sister. The first thing she asked me was, "What's wrong? You seem to be not feeling well". I thought to myself - How did she know? It was not a strange coincidence. Every time I fell ill or if I was down with something she always knew. Although we live several miles away she always knew when something was not going right with me. A mother knows...

Whereas for the children to know their mother may take a life time. In our frantic effort to enhance our own sense of self, in our dash to achieve name, fame and material goods and caught up in our own race against time we tend to ignore her and take her for granted. We don't have time to spend with her, we lack the time to ask her if she is doing well, or If she is feeling lonely now that the children have all grown up and gone different ways.

She is there, always supporting and giving us a few words of encouragement just when it's really needed, when there is no one to turn to, always keeping a watch on her children even if she is several miles away.

We may be busy, busy thinking about the past and worrying about the future, most of which are futile. Let us pause, bring ourselves back to the Present and bring some perspective to our life on this earth. Realise that unconditional love, like the love mothers have for their children.

Unconditional love will only prevail when you are in the Present, In the Now. Bring yourself back into the Present and you can feel that unconditional love in your own being. Feel that connectedness with every other being.

Perhaps, it's time pick up that phone, give her a call to say - "I love you mum" before it's too late. Before you wander off agin into the past or future...

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