This morning you are upset...

This morning you are upset, rather, Angry. Upset about something that your workmate, your boss, your friend, your partner or someone in the tram/train had said or did, which you took exception to. You are unable to get over it. You are holding on to it and this is spoiling your otherwise, fantastic day.

Think about it, What had really happened?

Your friend, your boss, your workmate or your partner said or did something which you did not like. Come to the crux of it. What did they really do? They exposed one of your deep rooted mind created layers of CONDITIONING. As a matter of fact they did a favour by exposing that conditioning for you.

Unbeknownst, we all have taken on several layers of conditioning during our upbringing. We have been living with that baggage and thus struggling. This baggage of conditioning is what prevents us from fully flowering in life.

When we realise this conditioning, when we become fully aware of it, only then are these conditioning dissolved and we come out of that prison that we have created for ourselves. Your spouse, children, friends, workmates are a trigger which (who) will expose those layers of conditioning.

There are 2 choices for us. First choice, You become fully aware of that conditioning when it is exposed dissolving those layers once and for all by your awareness and thus, experiencing freedom and joy.

The second choice is to be totally unaware of it, ignorant and thus trapping yourself further deeper into that prison you have created for yourself. You suffer, like you are suffering now.

I am so grateful that my children, my wife, my parents, my brother, my sister, my friends, my workmates and all human forms around me acts as a trigger for me to realise those deep rooted layers of CONDITIONING, helping me cleanse those layers every moment of life. They are doing me a favour. How can I be upset with them? I am grateful to them. And you can be too...rather than being upset about it and spoiling this so beautiful and precious day... By knowing fully that you have become aware of yet another layer of conditioning in you...

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