Be aware of that corrupted software...

I bought a laptop around 16 months ago. Brand New, it was then, hardware felt robust and the software raring to go, ready to take on my command. Just the last few weeks I noticed it was playing up. Slow, confused, unresponsive and often crashing. The hardware has also been making strange noise these days. Perhaps it has taken on more data that it can hold and have been subjected a lot of virus and innumerable spam mails during the past 16 months. The software is corrupted and indeed it's Struggling..

Come to think of it, We humans are none too dissimilar.

When we are born our brain is NEW, uncluttered and creative. During our upbringing we download the corrupted software what I call our CONDITIONING. Our anger, fear, anxiety, Stress and our past baggage is all stored in our brain. Brain is now cluttered, slow, confused, we lack clarity and creativity.

There is a BIG difference though,

If I have to fix my laptop I need to download a new software which involves time, cost and effort.

However, for us human being we don't need any of these. Just a simple AWARENESS ( mindful) that we are CONDITIONED, in other words, a simple AWARENESS that we are using a corrupt software, we regain our UNCONDITIONED INNATE Nature. The clutter is all gone, Brain is fresh and Creative. Just a simple realisation will do. This does not cost anything, this does not require effort and most importantly it does not require TIME. It can happen only in the NOW, in this moment, Simple, is it not?

Why is not so simple? We are habituated to use the corrupt software. We have lived with it for so long; that stress, the confusion, the anxiety the frustration that this corrupted software is creating has become part of our life. Often we are UNAWARE of this corrupted software running our life.

We have a choice - Be fully AWARE (mindful) of the corrupted software ( CONDITIONING) running in you, before it wrecks the hardware, your physical body.

How can we be AWARE of that conditioning ? you may ask, Just use any pointer(s)....that will bring you back to the PRESENCE.

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