Your conditioned mind is like a burglar...

Your conditioned mind is like a burglar waiting to break into your house. If your house is well lit the burglar will stay away.

Likewise, if you are the light of awareness, in other words, when you are very attentive, alert, conscious, mindful, the conditioned mind will stay away...

The conditioned mind ( the burglar) is always waiting to invade you ( your house).

Be that light of awareness.

How can one be that awareness?

Use any pointer... to bring you back to awareness ( presence). Like for example, the moment you ask a question, What am I thinking? At that moment you have come back to awareness. You have come back from thinking about the past or future to the PRESENT.

In the presence ( PRESENT), the conditioned mind vanishes or dissolves. In other words, In the presence, there are no conditioned thoughts...

Initially, you may require the pointer or pointers to remind you but over a period of time, with practice, you no longer need any pointer, you no longer need the reminder. You are that awareness...

What is wrong the 'conditioned mind' you may ask?

The root cause of all your suffering, the struggle, the stress, anger, fear, loneliness, hatred, is our conditioned mind.

Be that light of awareness...moment to moment...keep the conditioned mind away.... smell and feel the freedom...unconditional love, beauty, and the immense JOY all around.

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