when ever you are struggling...

It's always a struggle, isn't it? Trying to open a can of baked beans or a can of beetroot for your sandwich in the morning. We all struggle with it, It's as if we are having a big fight with the can. Why is it so?

Perhaps, we are reducing the action (action of opening the can) to just a mechanical action. In other words, while opening the can our mind is filled with thoughts, thoughts of the past and that of the future. You may be thinking... thinking about the meeting that you have lined up for the day, traffic on the freeway, or being late to the office and so on... Our mind is consumed with thoughts after thoughts and you areunmindful/ unaware of the action that you are carrying out When you try to open the can of baked beans you are not the present. You are thinking about the past events or the future.

For a moment, bring your attention fully back to the present. Be fully aware/mindful that you are opening the can. Use any pointers to bring yourself back to the present. In that presence, in that space of no thought(s), magic happens... there is no longer the struggle.

Whenever you are struggling, whenever you are feeling stressed, feeling lonely, angry, anxious, fearful and so on, be aware that you have moved away from being in the PRESENT.

Bring yourself back to the present ( using any pointers..) and see the magic of easiness happen in front of your own eyes.

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