Observe that thought...

I was angry today, I felt miserable, I felt stressed, I felt lonely, I felt fearful, I was anxious...

Why were you so?

Perhaps you were unaware, unconscious unmindful and not in the PRESENT, therefore you did not catch that thought which made you angry, miserable, stressed, fearful or anxious and so on...

Had you been more alert, more attentive, mindful, conscious you would not have allowed that thought to overpower you and act through you. would you?

After a few moments of being angry which caused harm to your loved ones with your deed or words, you would have felt like - you shouldn't have been angry. Now you feel guilty. Have you observed that? This is a mind movement too. A trick played by the mind. Mind saying "I was angry, I shouldn't have". Now you beat yourself up for being angry.

Just a simple realization or awareness that you are angry dissolves anger, ( This can only come with practice)

Only in the presence ( In the PRESENT) you can catch or notice or observe that thought which will trigger anger ( or stress or fear..) in you. When you are able to notice/observe that thought you can prevent this thought from overpowering you and acting through you... You can prevent your loved one from being harmed and in turn prevent your own physical body from being stressed.

Being in the moment ( Present) can a do a lot good to you and the society that we live today. Observe that thought...

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