Living in the moment.

You must have heard stories about people who have won medals at the olympics. What separates them from the remaining? Perhaps, their sheer Determination, Devotion, Dedication and Discipline. ( what I call the 4Ds)

While we all are asleep they are already awake and practicing. Every moment of their life there is only one thing in their mind. They succeed, succeed big time.

Practicing to be in the PRESENCE, generally known as, -living in the moment, requires all the 4 Ds. -Determination, Devotion, Dedication and Discipline. We require constant reminder ( Pointer) to come back to the PRESENT moment from either the Past or the future to which we hold on to so fondly.

It's so easy for us to fall back on to our old ways of mind dominated living. 99.9% of the human population live that way. Therefore like the olympians there is a an effort required to DECONDITION our conditioned behaviours which we have acquired over the past several years. Kicking an old habit takes time, doesn't it. That is why we need those 4 Ds..

A coach can provide some guidance, some pointers to an olympian to succeed. but it's for the olympian to practice and practice he or she does, in order to excel. Likewise books, Gurus and teachers can only provide some pointers, the practice, only we can do...

Pointer (s ) and effort is only required in the beginning.As we begin to PRACTICE and if we continue to practice with the 4Ds, we no longer require pointers as being the in present comes to us EFFORTLESSLY. It is our innateness. we have forgotten about it ( and therefore require reminders) and now we are returning back to that Innateness where we effortlessley belong like the plants, animals and the nature all around us.

How do you know you are the right path? You will know it, you will know it in your being and others around you will notice it as well.

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