Am I on the right path?

Am I on the right path? We have heard many people say that they are on the path of spiritualism, or they are seeking enlightenment and so on... One thing to be aware of is that this can be yet another trick being played by our own mind. The mind makes you feel superior because you are on that so called higher path, it's a way of trying to enhance that (false) identity. This may be futile because in real life situations you may be a bundle of the same old... anger, fear, stress, jealousy, hatred and so on..and thus struggling...

Therefore a question, Am I on the right path?

Is there a right or wrong path? Isn't the so-called 'truth' a pathless land? We are just doing a simple correction, aren't we? We have moved away from our innateness and now having realized it, we are moving back. therefore, any path (that suits you) in order to return to the innateness will do.

If so, in real life situations (in our day to day living) how do we know we are on the right track?

You will know it, you will know it in your own being... and other beings(s) around you can sense it and feel it as well.

Here are some benchmarks,

  • When your spouse has said something unpleasant about you, you don't react. (previously you act or react by defending or arguing)

  • When you are driving and someone from behind is honking, overtaking you and looks at you with disgust... you don't react... you allow them to pass.

  • When you missed your bus or train this morning... don't feel anxious as you usually do..., "it's OK. I shall take the next one..."

  • You are waiting for your friend at a coffee shop, and he or she doesn't turn up... you don't feel impatient as you usually do.

  • You accidentally meet someone who has caused a lot of harm/grief in your life, yet you are able to forgive him or her....

( be aware, all these are possible ONLY in that "space of Presence" or in that space of no thought(s)...)

In other words, the things or circumstances which previously made you angry, anxious, fearful, stressed, impatient and so on, no longer make you so. You no longer act or react..but just accept.... you have now begun the journey.

Polarities ( good and bad) continue to play out in your life but you have changed, you don't act or have gone beyond all...

You are now on that path....A new way of living, indeed...

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