Switching off the unawareness gene

Many who have known me for several years often ask me, How have you chosen the path of Meditation? I do not have a clear answer to this question. However the word "Meditation" conjures up several meaning. For some it may be spirituality, peace etc. However I tend not to use this word. Like everyone else I was born as that innocent, unconditioned, uncorrupted aware being. During my upbringing, unbeknownst, I have been conditioned. In biological terms the awareness genes got switched off and the un-awareness gene switched on and dominated. However I began questioning my conditioning, my likes, dislikes, my behaviour and the mechanical/mediocre responses arising from that un-awareness. Just a simple realization of my un-awareness brought me back to awareness. The awareness that I always was. However, because of my habit over the past several years, by default, I kept switching on the un-awareness gene. With a lot of dedication, determination and discipline I have been trying to kick the habit of switching back to un-awareness. If one wants to call this "Meditation", so be it. As for me, I am breaking a habit and moving back to that awareness I once was and will always be. There is nothing spiritual about it. In other words, I realized during my constant questioning of my conditioning that I have moved away from being that awareness to un-awareness. I am going back to my natural state. I am going back home where I belong and where total bliss prevails.

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