Acceptance of what is..

I was slowly opening a bunch of snail mails the other day when a mail from the civic compliance was trying to grab my attention. My heart skipped a beat. There we go again, another speeding ticket. This time clocked 45 KM in a 40KM Zone, a whopping $190. My initial reaction was, why why is it happening to me. I felt the anger overtaking me, felt uneasy and a bit anxious. $190 could get me couple of nice shirts, pay my bills or perhaps a dinner or two for the family. Suddenly something dawned on me. I began to observe my own conditioned behaviour, observed the mixed emotions, and the anxiety. I began to accept my mistake. Now I felt bit more relaxed. Come to think of it I was driving fast and what if I accidentally ran over someone. The fine now became a blessing in disguise. A signal for me to be careful to be aware and not to speed in future. I would have missed this signal had I continued my mind dominated conditioned behaviour. With just an acceptance of what is.., we go beyond. However if we resist the situation, and ask why? why?, we struggle. I chose the former. Accept what is.. and we will continue to get signals from the higher intelligence which will guide us in the right path. I Guess, everything happens for a reason.including the speeding ticket.

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