You are that awareness..

When the constant mind chatter ( conditioned thoughts ) in our head comes to an end, a space of silence prevails . A space in which there are no more ( conditioned) thoughts. This space within us recognize the vast space without ( or on the outside). This is the point of dis-identification with the physical body. We are that vast spaciousness otherwise known as awareness. Our ( conditioned) thoughts thus far have eclipsed this reality. Unawareness therefore becomes our inherent nature. Unawareness gives rise to confusion, chaos, struggle, anxiety stress and so on condemning ourselves to a mechanical or mediocre life. In that space of silence we are that awareness, the vast space in which everything happens, including birth and death, Plant forms come and go, animal form come and go. human form comes and goes, sun comes and goes, days comes and goes, nights come and go and our thoughts come and go. In that spaciousness we are just an observer, endless awareness or may I say, intelligence observing everything happening including the thoughts happening in us and aware of all the emotions that thoughts give rise to. We are aware of all...We are everlasting, ceaseless, beyond death. Only thing that prevents us from knowing this ( reality) is our constant mind chatter.

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