Can the incessant conditioned thought activity in your head come to an end?

Truth, the so called reality which we have eluded for so long is simple. However our mind complicates it. It doesn't like anything simple. Truth is not new, it has been ( and will be) all around us for time immemorial. When you are ready you will pave the way for it to emerge in you.

If you are struggling in life, know that, you have moved away from home. It's time to get back home. You are already that enlightened being now covered by several layers of conditioning.

Conditioning is nothing but your acquired limited knowledge, experiences, likes and dislikes, opinions, preconceived ideas that you have acquired during your upbringing ( of the past) stored in the form of memory emanating in your head as incessant thought activity. This incessant thought activity has to come to an end for the truth or the unlimited knowing to happen in you.

How can the incessant thought activity in your head come to an end? You can use any of the pointers discussed in my book - Life a Meditation . Any one pointer will do. When the thought activity comes to an end a space of silence emerges in you. In that space all your conditioning, your anger, your fear, your anxiety, your stress, all are gone, all at once, Now in this moment. In this space of silence there is Clarity in your head, Creativity in your actions and pure bliss in your physical being. This space of silence is what has been missing in your life. hence the struggle. However, incessant thought activity in your head may resume because of your default habit. Can you be that space of silence moment to moment? If you have the determination, devotion, discipline and dedication you can. This is your own true calling. Don't believe me. Try this for yourself.

You have a choice, to be that unconditioned, uncorrupted, unlimited knwoing, the space of silence - pure bliss ( or ) to be that conditioned, mediocre, struggling, full of anger, arrogance, ego, stress, fear...

You were unaware therefore you allowed yourself to be hijacked by your conditioned

mind. Be that awareness and the mind ( conditioning ) will stay away and that unlimited profound knowing which I call intelligence will drive you forward. you are now in the safe hands of the unlimited intelligence.

Be that awareness, moment to moment. Life becomes bliss and magic happens...

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