Death of the Past, Birth of the NEW..

When one sets out to discover something doesn't one have to start from a clean slate, a blank page. What if we don't? Will not our pre-conceived ideas come in the way and interfere in our discovery. A sponge when it is dry can absorb quite a lot, however the same sponge when it is fully wet may not be able to absorb any more. Likewise when you begin to discover something, may that be your own "self- discovery - realizing who you truly are, doesn't one have to start with - I don't know? I don't know but I am going to discover or realize. I may or may not be successful that's a different story altogether.

What happens when you say,"I know" and then begin to discover? Where is the knowing coming from? Is it not coming from the limited, pre-conceived ideas that one has acquired from books, teachers, friends and from our own experience in the past and stored away in the brain in the form memory? In other words - your thoughts? Will not the thoughts constantly interfere with your self -discovery?

In order to discover something NEW, realize something not of the past, doesn't this constant movement of the past ( thoughts) have to stop? This happens the moment you say - "I don't know". The moment one says -"I don't know", I am going to find out, there is no longer the interference of the past acquired knowledge. Thought movement comes to an end in you and there is space, a silence which paves the way for profound unlimited knowing to happen in you. This profound knowing gives rise to something NEW, not of the past, something very creative and something complete.

The challenge is we are not used to saying "I don't know". Our ego doesn't give up, doesn't permit us to say "I don't know" for fear of belittling our own "self". When we do, there is death of the past and birth of the NEW. This infact is our primordial state!

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