Realization/Awareness can be so subtle...

Realization, awareness can be so subtle. If one is expecting a miracle or divine intervention one may be disappointed. The so called realization may be so subtle that we even fail to notice this change in our daily life situations.

The other day I received a phone call from someone who had come to my workshop ( Life a Meditation) over the weekend. He narrated to me an incident which happened just after the workshop when he was driving back home. He was following the speed limit and driving happily when he heard the honking from behind. The driver behind him seemed uneasy and wanted to get to some place in a hurry. At one stage the driver behind him kept honking, looked at him with disgust as he overtook and went ahead. In the normal situation he would have been very angry at the driver behind him and perhaps exchanged a word or two or even made a gesture with his finger. However at that moment he chose to remain calm and let the driver behind him pass. He had 2 choices. One was to react and reciprocate with anger and the other was to remain calm. He chose to remain calm and let it go. His conditioned thoughts and actions gave way to pure awareness..and thus he chose to remain calm.. This to him was a new awareness...very subtle, but a new realization. A New beginning..A world of difference within him and to the world outside.

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