My Home sweet home - My primordial state of being...

My home sweet home. I have wandered far away from my home. I must have left home several years ago that I don't even have a distant memory of my home now. I want to get back to my sweet home. I do not know how to get back. I am confused and I am lost.

Now I seek a consultant, Guru or try to learn techniques like meditation to get back to my own home? Isn't this an irony?

I seem like a puppet on a string with my own mind manipulating me.

My own ( conditioned) mind dictating to me, telling me what to do and what not to do. I have been obedient, acting and reacting to those several thoughts. Sometimes it says 'take this way and sometime that'... and this has caused lot of confusion and grief!

The moment the ( conditioned) mind that has been causing confusion all these years become silent there is clarity and the path becomes clear. The path was always there..who then prevented me from knowing this path, the path back to my sweet home? who took me away from own sweet home- my primordial state of being?

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