Does 'thing(s)' exist outside of us for real? Or is it an illusion?

Ilusions, there are as many as 2 that are keeping us trapped and preventing us from seeing/ realizing the actual/ reality.

For one, we don't know for sure if any 'thing' does exist outside of us. We see many forms around us. How do we perceive them? An image of these physical forms ( say a table) falls on to our retina which then sends the signals to the brain with the help of complex network of neurons, the brain then goes back into the memory ( data bank) of the many forms and names stored from the past to finally retrieve a name for the physical form, that we perceive, in this particular case, 'This is a table'. Is this not how we perceive things all around us?

We see various physical forms all around us - can we therefore dispute the fact that these forms does not exist. Can we pretend as if it doesn't exit? The 2nd illusion that I am talking about is the greatest illusion of all.

All though various forms both animate ( Plants, animals and human) and inanimate do exist we do not see them as they are. We only see them through our mental projections of the past thus obscuring the reality. For example, When you look at a flower, your brain is activated and begins to look for information stored in your database of memories. Many thoughts may go through your mind: “Where have I seen this in the past?” “What is the name of the flower?” “Is it similar to other flowers I have seen before?” “It would be nice to have this in my garden.” These thoughts ( mental chatter) prevent you from actually “seeing” the true beauty of the flower. Instead, you observe it through filters or the mental projections of the past images stored in your brain. The flower remain just a beautiful concept…..

Can we therefore really realize ( be aware of ) the mental illusion( s) that we live every moment of our life? lest we will live and die without seeing the reality..the true beauty all around us, a mediocre existence indeed!

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