What Happens when we die?

We are all intrigued by this question, aren't' we? Our body grows and will live as long as we provide it with good nutrients and environment to live and and like all other organism will one day perish and join the elements.

I think the more pertinent question may be what happens when we live? Why do we live with so much anger, fear, anxiety, stress, hurt and jealousy? Where did that come from? As a child we were a bundle of Joy. So we must have inherited this during our upbringing. Most probably from our parents and our surrounding? Where did they get it from? Perhaps from their parents? It looks like this conditioning, or shall we say ignorance has been passed on from generation after generation. Before your body perish you will have passed on all your conditioning - anger, fear, etc which you have learned from your parents to your children. Although your body has perished your conditioning - your anger, your behaviours continue to live through your children. The children absorbs everything from their parents like a sponge. Is it time to question the conditioning that you download from your parents? If you are ready to question this you can be the circuit breaker or in other words you can stem the flow of ignorance to the next generation and the next. Otherwise this ignorance will continue on and on for generations to come. The future generation will continue to live in anger, hatred, fear and violence like our previous generation did and the present generation continue to do so .

Is it not time to wake up?

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