Our life so transient like the water droplet on a slippery lotus leaf..

When I woke up this morning I felt so grateful that I was alive to see this beautiful day. But hang on, Can I say that I am alive to see the 'day'. Anything can happen any moment, can it not? My breath could stop any moment and my form dissolved any moment. Perhaps I can say I was alive and breathing at the moment. Therefore I am so grateful to this moment, I thought to myself.

Like a tiny water droplet moving around in the gentle breeze on a slippery lotus leaf which can fall back on to the riverbed below any moment our life is so fragile and transient yet we hold on to it as if it's permanent. At least our mind thinks that our life on this earth is permanent and therefore tomorrow is important. "What happens if"? Mind says to you. Anxious and living in constant fear we try to hoard as much as possible to make sure our future is secure not caring about this moment forgetting to live in this moment.

Like the water droplet which will merge with the water where it originally came from our form can dissolve any moment and the life leave and merge with the eternal where it originally came from.

Are we grateful to this moment? If we are not, we may not be grateful to the next moment and the next and the next. While we may be seriously engaged in adding another dollar to secure our future the only moment that we have available to live NOW will pass by even without we knowing..There is only this moment. I am so gatretul to this moment..

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