You are that pure boundless energy..

There is just this pure boundless universal energy. All manifested beings including plants, animals and everything on this universe has realized this except for mankind. Why hasn't mankind realized this? Is it because he considers himself to be above all? A feeling of I am invincible - which we call ego, arrogance which are all mind conceived? There is this realization in children. There is so much joy, glow and energy radiating from a young child. However as we grow up we edge out this awareness. We edge out this pure energy. We say "we can handle it from now on. I don't need you". The bundle of joy now is a bundle of sorrow and sadness. Some do stumble on it in some phase of thier life, some don't. The sooner we realize this the better it is for us mankind. The pure universal energy was there, will be there and will always be there. The question is whether we as manifested human being is able to realize this pure energy, access this pure energy and be that pure energy?

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