I am ordinary, but I have the power to be extraordinary..

I am ordinary, generally mind dominated, has anger, fear, stress and so on.., However I have the power to become extraordinary. If I have the power to become extraordinary everyone of you have this power too. How can I be that extraordinary? The moment my conditioned mind is silent, in other words when I don't identify with my conditioned mind I am already extraordinary. What happens when I am extraordinary? I pave the way for an unlimited profound knowing to happen in me. If you allow this to happen in you by not identifying with your mind you become that extraordinary in that moment. (It doesn't take time, happens instantly).However If you continue to remain ordinary the profound knowing may elude you. You will continue to work within the limitation of your own mind conceived prison. Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were very ordinary like you and me. However they chose to become extraordinary by not identifying with their mind. If they can do it, so can you. All manifested forms have this power. Why not realize this power and be that extraordinary when you have such a choice? Please note : I have used the word extraordinary in this blog not in the sense of superior or above all. That is being arrogant. However when your mind is silent you will realize what I am saying. A life of Goodness, compassion, Joy and freedom and an extraordinary life comes into being.

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