Death - The greatest fear of all !

We fear Death Don't we? We try to get away from it, escape from it. Even to write or think about death is No! No!. However rather than running away from it if you ask yourself a question what is death? you may have an answer or an insight into the dreadful thing that we call Death. What does death tell you? It says, "I want you alone. I want none of your possessions - materialistic and non- materialistic". However you have a problem.You are attached to everything - your belongings, your possessions, your materilaisitc thning, your bank balance, your memory, your friends, relatives and loved ones. It seems to me that the death is not so much the problem, it is the attachment to everything in life that is the problem. To break away from that attachment may be the greatest fear. Why are we so attached to everything? Is it not because of the mind- rather the conditioning of our mind. A conditioned mind latches on to everything. As long as the mind is conditioned you will be attached to everything. As long as you are attached you will have fear, including the fear of death. Then the question to ask is, How can we end attachment? simple ! ( not really :) ) Ending of the conditioned mind is the end of attachment. End of attachment is the end of fear including the fear of death. Ending of attachment does not mean detachment. End of attachment bring about Freedom and TRUE love, a love which has no give and take -Unconditional love.

The end of your conditioned mind, ends all atachment. When you are not attached to anything can there be fear of anything? including the fear of death for Death is really ending of all attachment brought about by the mind. This is true living in which

total freedom and true Love prevails..

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