Who is this driver driving you around in life?

Who is that someone in your head who is constantly giving commentary about your life - How you should and shouldn't live, What you should and shouldn't do? Is he giving you the right advice? He has an opinion about everything, doesn't he? You may perhaps want to acknowledge someone for their achievement. You really want to, Look, who is preventing you from doing that? You may want to forgive someone, say sorry, to someone, Look, who is preventing you from doing it? Why is he restricting you from reaching out? Is he protecting you? Is he separating you from others? creating a barrier between you and others around you? Does he instill fear in you? Is he limiting your ability to function fully in this world? Does he tell you when to get angry, anxious about something that may or may not ever happen? Does he on one hand asks you to go ahead and take an action but turns around and questions the action you have taken? There is always this voice in your head. He seem to be on the driver's seat. Is he taking you on the proper road? Is it not time to evaluate his job role and his performance. If you are struggling in life, if you have fear, confusion, anxiety, stress then perhaps it means that he is not doing the job well for you. Who is this someone ( he or she :) ) in your your head anyway? Have you thought about it? Who is this driver who is driving your life to whom you have given the key to your life with total confidence?

Photo courtesy : The accountability coach.

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