When your mind activity ceases..

I'ts always been a challange for me to find apt words to describe the feeling in our physical being when the incessant thought activity in our head slows down and comes to a standstill ( In other words) when you no longer are dictated by your own mind. Yes, we all know that this feeling is indescribable. Knowing fully that it is is indescribable one can make an attempt to describe it. However it ( description) is not it. It may come close but can never be it. Some may expect miracle to happen when the mind activity slows or even better ceases. This expectation is also a mind activity. For some, as Paul Borenstein described in his blog which I happened to read, it may be a feeling like everything is happening in a slow motion and that there is plenty of time available in a day to do what ever you have lined up for the day and yet plenty of time to take a long walk away from the bustling humanity or plenty of time to do the things you like to do which you may have put aside to do at a future time. Yet for many others it may be like you were constantly on a tread mill for several days/ months/ years , exhausted, tired and now finally have stepped down from that dreaded treadmill. One may ask don't you feel bored when you have plenty of time on hand? Feeling bored is a mind activity, is it not?. When the mind activity ceases every moment feels so divine, alive, attentive and aware.Never a boring moment even when you're sitting idle on a park bench for several hours looking at the spectacle of nature unfolding all around you. Am I anywhere close to describing how I feel when the mind activity ceases? Not at all.. I have just made an attempt.

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