You are just a permanent witness to the coming and going.

I was at the Central Railway station in Melbourne on Friday evening waiting to catch a train home. For a brief moment I looked around me with all my attention. I witnessed constant flux of people all around me. Some boarding the train and some alighting. People coming and going in a flash. The person who was sitting beside me vanished and someone new taking that position. Trains coming and going in the wink of an eye and the multitude of people constantly on the move. When my train finally arrived I found a place to sit. Even on the train I observed people sitting beside me gone and replaced by someone new. Everything seemed so transient. Indeed everything is, isn't it? All forms comes and goes. Your form, my form, forms of our loved ones, everything goes.. except for one thing. That which is witnessing, that which is looking.. it has no end.. You are that ! You are that silence which is witnessing. You are that spacious silence in which all forms comes and goes. You may ask, What prevents me from being that? - your own mind, your conditioned mind. But for the conditioned mind, you are just an unending observer - just a permanent witness to the coming and going. Don't believe me. When your mind is sielent you can witness this for yourself..and be that timeless space which has no end and no beginning..

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