Pointers to the the Truth - Who you truly are:

You can teach someone maths, Physics and Biology. Can you teach someone the truth? The truth - who you truly are? If I say I can teach you the truth I am either ignorant or at the best arrogant. Of course, there are several pointers or directions to the so called truth.. These pointers are every where and they were there several centuries ago. The only challenge is that we seldom realize it. Even if we realize it, the realization may come a little too late. Now you may ask, once you have realized who you truly are do you require the pointers/ directions? You don't. You have realized the truth. You have realized who you truly are. However because of our habit/conditioning we fall back into our old ways and thus we constantly forget who we truly are. We forget that truth. Therefore we require a pointer/ direction to constantly remind us of who we truly are until one day we no longer require the pointers, You have realized the absolute truth, you have realized who you truly are, You no longer require the reminders. You have realized the Simple truth that you are not what you think you are!

(Life a Meditation sessions and the Book LIFE A MEDITATION offers such pointers/ directions to the Truth- who you truly are)

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