Real Conversation has begun deep within her..

I was having a conversation about her life situation. She was someone I knew well and we catch up over a cup of coffee once in awhile. The conversation went well and she thanked me for the time and the productive discussion together which she thought will help her in her life situation. When parting she also made a comment that she was deeply hurt by some of the comments that her husband has been making about her. I smiled to her at that moment. She was intrigued not knowing why I was smiling. I requested her to order another coffee. I told her the real conversation begins now - You say you get hurt by others comments. So are all of us. Just step back for a moment and think this for yourself. Who is that entity in you who is getting hurt? when you are looking for that entity, who is looking at that entity? are there two of you? Is the entity true? or Is the person looking at the entity -true? If you are able to realize this and find an answer you are free of all problems. She looked at me for a long time . She sat there without drinking the coffee. I left her to ponder over it and walked away slowly with the hope that the real conversation has already begun deep within her..

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