A lot can happen at a coffee shop, does it not?

The other day I was at a coffee shop. I ordered my coffee and went over to a comfortable chair in the corner. As I was making myself comfortable on the chair, through the corner of my eyes, I saw someone sitting across me whom I vaguely remembered. My mind went to work. It scanned the past memory as it usually does and provided me the picture. Now I remember him. We used to work together at the same firm over 12 years ago. He was one of those who was very ambitious, arrogant, annoying, demeaning and most often grumpy. suffice to say, I had to eject myself out of that firm and look for a job elsewhere and move on. Move on I certainly did. My initial response was to go meet him and say, hello. However my mind intervened and said - 'No, don't'. In this instance my mind overpowered me. I focussed my attention away from this person. As my coffee arrived I noticed this person walk towards me and pull up a chair. He looked straight in my eyes. He asked me if I remembered him. I smiled and said, yes. He said he had been looking for me all these years. He wanted to apologize for his ignorance and all the displeasure he had caused over 12 years ago. Instantly I felt a lot of space around both of us as if a circuit was completed and veil being lifted. What a beautiful being he turned out to be. We spoke for some more time, hugged each other and parted ways.. As I mentioned earlier a lot can happen at a coffee shop, Does it not?

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