Many thanks for taking the time with your education session yesterday.

I found the session both interesting and educational in how to attempt to create space in my mind. I enjoyed the interactive nature of the session. Moreover, I particularly focussed on the simplistic pictures that supported your learned explanations.

Overall, I would welcome the opportunity to attend another session with my daughter whom I am sure would benefit from your ideas and education.


If you are considering further sessions I would appreciate your advice.

Once again, many thanks for the guidance on opening space to calm the mind-an excellent educational session

Mark Mackenzie - Symphony Program Director - Telstra - Australia


Dear Santosh,

It is a mystery, I was able to receive your teachings so simply.  I found (and find) them to be heartfelt, sincere, authentic, simple and full of right intention and love.  I thank you for your presence and guidance.

This session I found to be particularly clear - it is exactly what I need to hear and practise.  Thank you for the simplicity and immediacy of your teaching - it is transporting.  Glenice's story also impacted on me the sense of urgency required to even begin and sustain a practice.  How moving . .

And thankyou for your heartfelt communication to Glenice - including us - a rare deed from a true and loving soul.

I thank you very much - your message and presence are a gift now in my life.  I look forward to meeting again, and continuing to practise the pointers and reminders,

yours sincerely,



Dear Santosh,

The  session on Saturday was helpful in getting me back on track.

Although I meditate 4-5 times a week, it is not enough to get me through day to day challenges.  

Last year when I attended your 2hr session with Laura, I felt that what you said made a lot of sense. It resonated with me. I then read your book ( Life a meditation) & started using the pointer 

of watching my thoughts.

However in time old habits/ conditioning crept back in.

I attended the workshop on Saturday as a refresher.

I hope that one day I will be able to throw the 'ladder away' and live a life of peace & joy free from

anxiety, anger etc.

I know that these emotions will always arise but I am getting better at not reacting.

I am now including the pointer of observing the space around objects & people to help me stay in the present.

I will incorporate this in my daily life & see how I progress.

During Saturday 's session I did  manage to feel calmer & stay in the moment. The 5 hrs seemed to pass quickly.

I was also blessed to meet Glenys as she is inspiring & proof that living in the moment does bring peace, freedom and good health.

The follow up meetings will be invaluable through discussion & sharing experiences.

Once again, thank you Santosh for helping me along my life journey.



I want to say thank you very much for the day.  Your workshop gave me a much clearer understanding of mindfulness and as a result I feel that I have achieved a lot in the past week.  I agree that it takes discipline as we are so used to just letting our thoughts wander but I now am aware when this is happening and am able to bring myself back to the present.


Following the workshop I thought it would have been good to spend some more time on the pointers, but I now realise that you can't really practice these things until you are actually going about your own day to day life.


I have found the pointers and my ability to simply observe my feelings have stopped some disagreements with my eldest daughter from escalating into a major arguement and for that I am very grateful.


I also think the first part of the session where you gave us a good understanding of the theory of thoughts was invaluable and this knowledge also helps me to have control over my mind as I am able to look at my thoughts and emotions almost from the view of a third person and be a lot more objective about what I am experiencing at the time.


So overall I am very glad I came along to your workshop.  You explained things in a very clear way and I felt comfortable enough to be able to ask questions. Your teachings have certainly given me the tools to live my life mindfully which I am sure will not only benefit me but my family too.


I look forward to those longer gaps between thoughts so I can gain the clarity I need to find my passion and purpose in life.


Many thanks.



Thank you again for a very informative session today. I really enjoyed your presentation. Food for thought and it has certainly helped with an area in my life that was becoming challenging.

Susie Baker - Melbourne, Australia


Again, my gratitude to you.

Your approach to meditation is unlike how I have been taught before for example under Sogyal Rinpoche. I think your approach has great merit.

I want you to know you have helped me and thus yourself.

Elizabeth Byrne - Melbourne, Australia.


Firstly I enjoyed it very much. Your presentation was clear and I think your concepts were explained well. I do have experience with meditation and Buddhist teaching, so for me it was easy to grasp.
Still, I am always seeking knowledge and every experience is an opportunity to learn. I definitely learnt from your session, as I gained your perspective. 
I especially enjoyed your black line concept and the space between thoughts.   I appreciated your microbiology angle; it gave some physicality to a sometimes abstract concept. I find pleasure in reading about quantum mechanics and seeing similarities with ancient spiritual teachings, particularly Vedic and Buddhist philosophies. 
I encourage you to stay on your path because you have the wisdom to assist human beings who are suffering to begin to heal themselves. 
It is my belief that people can only discover their inner nature through illness and crisis or through death. So it was humbling to hear your story. I too had a crisis a few years ago, which has led me down my path to wisdom and compassion. However, I am aware that it is only a belief and nothing is ever true or false! 

Mark Latham, Melbourne. 

I enjoyed Saturday's session and did find it informative and useful.
As I am going through a significant health crises at the moment it makes sense to live life in a different more mindful way!
I look forward to seeking out more information on the topic, and have already been practicing...
Thank you for your sharing.

Kind Regards 


I did enjoy your session very much. It was the second time for me as you know and I really came along to accompany Joel but did find that it was re-affirming for me. I think as I said during the session that it takes time to feel a change in your way of being and your session with its very clear but simple message of creating that space helped me on that path.
I think your clear and simple depictions of the space really stay with you afterwards. The pictures of the the faces were great illustrations of how we change and become burdened.

Joel and I had great discussion on the way home which helped us both to clarify and appreciate your ideas.

Warm Regards

I found the sessions that I have attended to rewarding and I would encourage anyone to go to at least one meeting. I have been practicing the tips given in the meetings for a couple of months and have seen a difference. I look forward to the next meeting and hearing about the progress of your next book.


Kind regards,



It was very helpful , your message came across very well , we apply it daily.

We are both very grateful that we came to your session,

and are thankful for your generosity.

Kind regards Deb and Mark


We found the presentation & experience very practical in application & am applying your techniques daily.

Thank you  Robb. 


I enjoyed the session on Saturday, thank you very
much.  I have felt quite relaxed since the session and hope this continues.
I am endeavouring to "live in the present" and not have my thoughts
controlling my mind.

I purchased one of your books on Sat but have not read through it as yet.

Thank you again for your time, it was much appreciated.



 your presentation was very informative. The use of charts made something so intangible become tangible. It was clear and interesting and the time passed very quickly.

Great presentation and great information. I got a lot of it. Thank you

 Ailen Lim.



Dear Santosh,

The session on Saturday was enlightening and after a very busy weekend, I am now reading your book to reinforce your teachings.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend.




Dear Santosh,

It was my pleasure attending your session yesterday with my friends. The session was really useful and The best part of the session was regarding the pointers. I am felling  a lot of positive energy in me from yesterday and I could practice the pointers really well. Please let me know if you are conducting a advanced session in future.

Abinesh Ilangovan 


I did attend on Saturday and I found it really helpful. I spoke to you briefly at the end of the session. 

I thought that emphasising that the thoughts is what creates our reactions was really useful and it has made me focus more on what I am thinking. The session was different to what I was expecting since I thought it was going to be a close your eyes meditation session rather than an awareness of every moment session and being aware of your thinking, if that makes sense. However I took a lot away from it and I thought it was very good. I am trying to put some of the concepts into practice.


Thank you so much for your time on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did.

Best regards



Thank you for sharing this with us.

I know clearly from my own observation that what you are pointing out is true.  That fear arises from a certain movement of the mind. This movement of thought is driven by conditioning. And fear is a natural consequence of this conditioned movement of thought.


Ananth Padmanabhan

Cheif  Executive, Amnesty International, India. 


I found the session interesting and useful.

It’s amazing what you learn and how easy life can be by listening just to a few pointers.

Waking up this morning with a lighter head had made a big difference. Now I am practising this, so thank you.

Stav Sydney


Yes it was an enlightening session.

And I even bought your book to present to my friend as a gift to share the experience.

Thanks again for the useful seminar and practices.

Lester Sydney


 I have read your  book and have now  more knowledge about the things we discussed during the session. I am finding it very interesting and so insightful.

I will probably need to read it more than once however, to fully benefit from its words of wisdom. I found the session very helpful and enjoyed it. 

Juan Peake, Melbourne.


The Seminar/session  was very useful and profound to me, that I am on the correct way to control my life, especially coping with the past and concentrating on the presence.
I thank you!

Regards René Kuntz. Melbourne. 


Thank you,  I did find it very enjoyable and very useful.   It also was thought provoking (pardon the pun ).  In that we were discussing certain personal experiences outside afterwards .  I also really valued input from the audience , we always learn from others.  

 Karen Temmnghoff


Hello Dear Santosh,

I just would lıke to thank you one more time for today, gıvıng your valuable time and sharing your knowledge, wisdom and enlightment with people. It was so usefull for me in manys aspects.

Gülce Duru


Very interesting  session. I have never heard of this before. I need to implement this in my life. 

Diane Hudson


Interesting, absorbing, many good examples, made me think and made me wanting to try to live in the NOW.

Melanie Stein


Great Workshop. Some very useful pointers to be in the "Moment"  - Thank you. 

Siang Tia


Excellent presentation. Eventhough I have done many meditation sessions and practice regularly this session brought home to me the importence of using meditation in every action one takes every minute of the day.

Elsebeth Murray


Dear Santosh,

Your session was quite an introspecting experience and humbling one at the same time.

It was quite straight forward and logical message, with no dogmatic baggage, like I have seen in some religious and spiritual discourses/sessions. 

The key for me, quite honestly, would be to how to find that 'space of inner peace' along with the responsibilities one has  in the daily life, whether that be at my workplace, my personal life, towards my family, parents etc.

Anshul Mangla


Dear Santosh,

It was a lovely session that has since provoked a few discussions about mindfulness in activities and choice and has certainly yesterday and today has succeeded in reminding me to find beauty wherever we can.

Thank you for taking the time to present to us.

Riannon :)


I did attend the session and found the session really good. Although I have studied mindfulness I found your explanation really easy to understand and very helpful.
Gillian Balaganeshan


Thank you for giving us such an opportunity to participate the session and you exactly made the points I was looking for .

Thanks once again and let us know any upcoming events.



Namaste Santosh !

Indeed it was useful, got good insight on our uncontrolled thoughts and pointers to control. Once I read your 2 books, I am sure it will be much more.

Hareesh Krishna


It was nice meeting you in person. Your presentation and  personal painful experience were inspiring and enlightening, even though it was of introductory nature, understandably, because of the mix of audience. This is not a light topic that can be covered in two-hours. As the name suggests "Life A Meditation", it is indeed a life long process. 

Both my sister and I find the pointers you talked about interesting and useful. Seeing the space around a person, and always bringing the thoughts into the center, or present are something we can put into practice immediately.

When I heard about your presentation, I said to myself to put aside all the pre-conceived ideas, and let the universe fill me up with the required wisdom, and it did.

I do hope that I did not hijack the session by posing questions and comments.  I just felt the need to draw from you answers to my quest. Do keep us posted if you decide to run more sessions in the future.

Khamseng Sengsouvanh


Good day Mr Santosh Nambiar

Thanks for the free event and pointing to the root cause corrective actions.

Also i read both of the books which you reinforce us to create/increase the space.

It is simple but very powerful. 

At first i thought not going to work for us and it only works one who not thinking about future like monks.

I just tried and have a go for a while. It is amazing and a lot of pressure has reduced. 

I am sure all people can reduce their unwanted thoughts.

By the way i appreciate your service and great journey.

Thanks and Kind regards



I found your course different from other meditation / self-help ones I had attended in the past. 

Your points were relevant, direct and practical to the every day life we all live. As a result, I am very interested to experience the oneness/peace/profound happiness etc you mentioned. 

I am looking forward to finish reading your books.

Seung Tae Kim

Melbourne, Australia


Loved it, Thank you, Very empowering to be able to let go of preconcived ideas and thought about people. 

Sheelagh Wood 



I attended one of your lectures in Melbourne while I was travelling  in Australia. You inspired me deeply and I really tried to live in the presence after your lecture because I usually worry about so many things that I forget how to be happy (even though life could be good).

I try to use your adviced strategy to get calmer and find inner peace.  Now I am trying to live from moment to moment, as you suggested. It makes life a little easier.

That's why I am strongly thankful for you. The feeling that there is someone who is able to channel a positive attitude towards life to me is soothing. I highly appreciate what you have done for me.

Melanie Stein



I have a freind that would be very interestd in today's session. Will you have another one like today's for me to tell them o go. Thank you for today. Itr was very helpful and great.

John Prosser. 


Hi Santosh,

I really enjoyed the session. I'm much more conscious now and have been trying to implement some of your tips.

You mentioned you have other sessions where you delve in deeper.  Do you have other sessions planned? Thanks



Dear Santosh,  One thing I didn’t want to mention on Saturday was my recently diagnosed battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   I have refused medication and choose to go the NATURAL way with a great team of Professionals surrounding me (Psychologist, GP, Homeopath). I have progressed significantly with their help.  Since Saturday I have been practising your techniques and have enjoyed quite a few little “mind holidays”.  These little holidays can only become longer and more frequent  to get me back to normal and beyond.

 Have told my daughter and friends about you.  Many thanks Santosh.

 wish to remain anonymous 


Hello Santosh,
I am grateful for your giving time to help others like myself understand the workings of the mind.  I found the session interesting and am trying to live more in the moment.
Thank you very much,



Dear Santosh,

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed your session on Saturday. I went in expecting to learn how to meditate and how to utilise it all day instead of just the 20 minutes in the morning.

Your whole concept of using the pointers on a daily basis and throughout all our thought processes is a great tool and something that I already have tried to put into place.

At this stage I can see it working when I brush my teeth, eat my breakfast – I now remember the “space” and hey you will now have all these people thinking of you when they brush their teeth (sorry that is my sense of humour).

I have also found it easier to listen and be more attentive to my kids when they are talking to me – so THANKYOU for that in itself. Both myself and my friend Lyndall both have racing minds continuously day in and day out. I now understand or think that whilst I have recently seen the doctor to be tested for onset of early dementia I now think that it is highly possible it is “my racing mind” that plays the major role in me not listening, hearing and retaining what is going on in my surroundings. If I can utilise the “space” then I am sure that this will eliminate most of these issues. If that is the case I can’t thankyou enough. You will have given back to me some normality which in turn may help to build my self esteem again.

I am a fond believer now that “out of bad there comes some good to follow” and in saying that I can see that it is true in your case where you hit rock bottom but it has enabled you to look at life from a different perspective and it in turn has given you a life back of good things. I guess I am hoping for the same so I am willing to keep trying this new profound way of thinking and hope that my story will be as enlightening as yours.

Thankyou Santosh for taking the time to bring this to other people in order for them to have happy and full filled lives. I endeavour to take the time to attend some of your regular sessions, however, as I live 1.5-2hrs away I unfortunately won’t be able to get there as often as I would like.

Keep smiling, keep doing what you are passionate about as you are definately changing peoples lives for the better.

Kindest regards,



Dear Santosh,

 I had such a meaningful time yesterday, and today am trying to put your deceptively simple guides into practice.  

At the moment i am enhancing the spirituality and wisdom bagua of my house - and bringing spiritual resources into this space.  

Yesterday, when you were speaking of the universal consciousness I kept visualising the beauty of my teacher's face.  Your talking reminded me of the pledges I make when in this energy and how easily I abandon them. You have given me a renewed focus to practice in order to deal with my mind stuff in relation to not being able to handle large groups and egos.  I have a new approach that i hope i will stay committed to practising in order to deal with my strong reactions.


I thank you for your simple and profound presentation and for your kind attention to our orientation and comfort.  


I wish you every and continuing success, and look forward to attending many more sessions - the mind is so devious and slides away from the clarity and . . . what ever that is also . . .that you evidence.


with thanks again,




Hi Santosh


Thanks for the session on Saturday – we did enjoy it and continued talking about aspects of it over the next few days.  From my point of view, I find that spirituality takes many different paths, but has a common spirit source and your (clearly very personal) message also confirmed this.  


You addressed returning to awareness at the thought level; however, I was curious as to whether you had any pointers for returning to awareness once a person is in their emotions, as this is often the place where people first recognise something has happened.


Many thanks for your presentation.


Kind regards

Lani East


Hi Santosh,

Thank you for the course/workshop.

For Jarrad and Myself it really confirmed what we have been “remembering” and learning and forever practicing. We would like to thank you for your wonderful energy and guidance. As we live near the Dandenongs with many children it is a little far away for us to come weekly but are very grateful to know you are there.  Thank you again and we hope to see you soon and would love to stay in touch and share learnings.

Blessings and love to you and your family.



Dear Santosh,

Thank you for taking that session and sharing your experiences with us. 

I found the session quite lovely, peaceful and meaningful at the same time.

Gave me quite a bit to work on afterwards as well.

I have been trying to be mindful in my daily life this week, and have certainly found a huge improvement in my personal space, feeling much more balanced and peaceful and able to deal with negative energy much easier, both mine and others.

This is making a huge difference in my energy and well being.

Once again thank you




Dear Santosh,

 It was wonderful listening to your talks and pleasure having met you.The session was very good and absorbing. The introduction, explanation, content and the practice workshop was very good.  I was very happy to be there and would certainly be coming out for more.


Anil Chhugani


Thank your so much Santosh for your wonderful session you gave us on 30/4/17. I must admit I came with a lot of hesitation, fear, anger, and stress in my life but after been in the presence that day I did come away feeling so good in myself. The books have been great to read and understand and I am sure I will find them very helpful in the future. Can you keep me on your mailing list for future sessions.

Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

Kathleen Cromie.


Hello Santosh

Thank you for your session.  It was useful, informative and great. 

The  use of examples and analogies.  This helped people to make links e.g. the dog on a leash the branch visual and use of the arm as the visual of how conditions can take over. 

The connection with science the cells was really interesting also

The books are a good read also to further develop an understanding

Thanks again for the great session. 



Hi Santosh

Thank you for your session, I really enjoyed it and have taken from it a couple of things that have come to my mind today.  If each of us can take at least one thing then it is successful.


I have caught myself taking myself back to the 'present' quite a few times today and if I touch the middle of my head it really helps to ground me.  I am going through a difficult period at work and have a meeting tomorrow which could be stressful but actually I feel quite calm for and happy about now.  I don't want to the think of the past negative things that have caused the meeting, I feel happy even if my job is finishing, and I will only focus on the now.


(1)  I related very well to the pictures AND everything that you put up.   Your examples  of every day things were brilliant everyday things and sitting just with silence emptying my mind for the first time was amazing.  I was scared sometimes that I would go to sleep.  I've never really done that and it is crazy because I live alone.



(2) I also loved the lunch provided.  I would ask them to cater a bit more protein in their sandwich fillings if they can but no big deal I enjoyed it very much.


(3) I really liked the 11am start time.  If you started any earlier it would be difficult for those on the other side of town to get there - I came from Sydenham over near Taylors Hills.



Small suggestions for improvement to consider:


(1) Could you add what the 4 D's stand for on your chart. I kept finding myself trying to remember them and could only get 3 even though you mentioned them twice and that was distracting  me.


 (2) Can you add car parking info on your invites.  It was great it was free parking Sunday but if a session we would need to know in advance where to park and how much money to bring as in coins etc.


Finally Santosh again thank you very much for running that session

Kind regards



Hi Santosh,
I found the session very informative and easy to understand.  I understood all of what you were saying and should be able to put it into action.  However, what did the DDDD stand for again?
  Discipline?  Dedication?
Since then I have looked at your web-site and have signed up the newsletter.  I am looking forward to receiving it!

Wendy :)


Hi Santosh,

Would like to thank you once again for supporting us with the Meditation course.

We received excellent feedback from Adam and others who were very much satisfied with the class and  hoping to join your classes at other Centres too.


Thank you.

Kind Regards

Mary Amalraj


Office Manager

Oakgrove Community Centre

89-101 Oakgrove Drive Narre Warren South 3805

Ph: 9704 2781