We hold regular sessions - 2 Sessions per month, for those of you who have already attended the "Life a Meditation” to share your experience while putting the pointers into practice in your daily life situations among a friendly group of people who are on the same path of self - inquiry.  


Welcome to the session where we can all come together,  sit quietly,  self- inquire, meditate for some time, share and learn from each other.


Our next regular session is on Saturday 24th June 2017.


Date:  24th June  2017, Saturday.

Time: 10 -11.30 PM

Cost: optional $5 donation to cover the hall hire. 

Venue:   Hawthorn  meeting room 1 (  Ground floor)  

Address:  584  Glenferrie Rd, HAWTHORN –VIC 3122


The structure:   (flexible)  


  • 20 min  - sitting meditation


  •  50 min - How can we put to practice the pointers in our real life situations?  (and be that peace/presence) wherever we are and whatever we are doing so that we are not dragged into the madness ( anger, hatred, fear)  that we see all around us in the society?  And an opportunity to ask questions and share our own experience as we go deeper and deeper into the presence.   What pointers do you use to practice in your daily life situation?  what works for you? Each of us can share our experience with the group, learn and support each other in our journey. 

  • 20 min - Discuss a topic of interest of the day ( Random topic) 


  • Close      


Please note: This session is for people who have already attended the 2 hour Life a Meditation session. 


If you are interested in attending the session or if you require more information please email: santoshnambiar2@gmail.com