Life a Meditation, 4 week  workshop titled 'Mindfulness made simple'   is  starting on 1st March  2017,  Wednesday  7.30PM  - 9 PM  at Williamstown  Yoga and Meditation centre  109 Douglas Parade Williamstown 3016



A simple meditation practice to : 


  •  Live in the present and enjoy each moment to the full.

  • Deal with  fear, anger, anxiety, and stress and rediscover a life of well-being. 

  • Quite your mind's incessant background chatter and deal with difficult thoughts and emotions.

  •  End confusion and conflicts in our head and discover our own brain full of clarity and creativity in all aspects of our life.

  • How to access our own innate intelligence for higher creativity?


The Session: 

  • Duration of the workshop; 4 weeks

  • 1st session : 1st march 2017  ( Wednesday)   Time 7.30 - 9.00 PM 

  • 2nd session : 8th March 2017 ( Wednesday) Time 7.30 - 9.00 PM

  • 3rd Session : 15th March 2017 ( Wednesday) Time 7.30 -9.00 PM

  • 4th Session : 22nd march 2017 ( Wednesday) Time 7.30 -9.00 PM 


About the Session in detail: 

  • The information/knowledge that you are coming to seek  during the  session is nothing new. It has been there time immemorial, it is and will be there forever. But, why has it eluded you all these years? Cast your attention for a moment on your mind. There is heavy mind traffic occurring at this moment in your head. Thoughts... one after another... You are constantly judging and thinking. This incessant thought activity has prevented that profound knowing from emerging within you. Therefore  this profound knowing, the same knowing which you have come to seek today has eluded you.

  • The moment the incessant thought activity in your head ceases, there is a deep silence within you. In that silence this profound knowing will happen in you. The clutter and confusion is gone and there is clarity. The answers to all your questions and challenges in life will become known at the apt time. There is joy, beauty, love and compassion...

  • How can we bring our incessant mind activity to stop?

  • How can we bring about that silence in us?


Theory : ​

During the 4 week session we will discuss  what are thoughts? why are we constantly thinking? How does  constant unwanted thinking affect us? How can we bring about an end to this constant unwanted thinking.



 We will discuss how we can  put this to practice in our daily life situations and be that 'space of peace' wherever you are and not be dragged into the madness ( Fear, anger, hatred, anxiety )  that we see all around us today. In this session Santosh will share helpful pointers ( practice) which he has made use of in his own life situations, as noted in his book Life a Meditation, which explores how we can make our 'life'' a Meditation, moment to moment, rather than our meditation being a 30 minute or one hour daily affair and bring that much needed 'space of peace' in your life at all times! After the session you can choose a pointer or multiple pointers and put that to practice (on your own)in your daily life situations. Choosing a pointer or two that is apt for you is personal. Practicing it  only you can do, your own true calling!. If you have the determination, dedication, devotion and discipline you will be able to break the habit of compulsive unwanted  thinking. Through your own self - discovery,  trials and tribulations you can be  that 'space of peace' beyond all suffering. You  NOW have a choice.



 I may not have an answer for you, I don't.  All  the answers to the challenges are within you. Your own brain has all the answers. However we are using our brain as a storehouse for all the past experiences thus  limiting it's function. Together we can explore how to access our own brain for answers to the challenges that  we  face in life. ​

·Pl Note:  You cannot grasp this with your mind. If you try, this will elude you. However, when your mind is quiet  ( when your mind chatter comes to an end ), in that silence, this profound knowing will emerge in you. 



For feedback about  the session from people who have already attended the session  please click on the tab 'Reviews'