In Between Thoughts - Regain the missing piece in your life.

Your brain is constantly engaged in the thinking process. Most of the time you are unaware of the incessant ‘chatter’ going on in your mind because you are accustomed to it and you have tuned it out.  For now, try to turn your attention to your head. For the next minute or two, notice the thoughts coming and going in your head. When you observe carefully, you will notice that although the movement of thoughts seems swift, there are gaps or space. A space in which a thought comes to an end and a new thought hasn’t yet appeared. A space in which you realize you have been caught up in thinking. This space or gap is not related to the thought process. You don’t usually notice this space. But if you observe carefully, you will become aware that this space is one of silence. A brief space in which there is no thought – just a space of silence. This ‘space of peace’ may be the missing piece in your life. Not knowing that this space exists may be the root cause of all the problems in your life. 

Yet how does this space free us from the trap of fear, anger, stress and anxiety that our own mind has created for ourselves? 

Intellect vs Intelligence - Regain the missing piece in your life

Your Intellect i.e. your mind is like the flame of a candle providing light in a dark room. Very limited.  Whereas your intelligence is like the expansive bright sunlight. If your limited intellect, the candle light, envisions, itself to be supreme and powerful it may be mistaken.  You only need to open the doors and windows and allow that sunlight to enter to realize the power of the candle light  diminished.


 As long as the intellect considers itself to be supreme and powerful intelligence will stay away. You struggle.

When the limited intellect surrenders and pave the way for the unlimited intelligence to operate in you, you thrive.  Everything begins to happen for you in life. Freedom, creativity, beauty and joy prevails.


How can we access that intelligence? 


You may have experienced intense peace and stillness when sitting in a quiet room meditating. However for most of us this peace is shattered the minute we step out of that quiet room and are confronted with jealousy, anger, fear, and an ego-filled violent society. My question to you is: if you are unable to bring peace into the whole of your life – whether this be in your chaotic workplace dealing with angry and egoistic workmates, or at home dealing with adolescent children, does the peace that you experience when meditating have limited application in your life? If your answer, like mine, is ‘yes’, the question then becomes - how can you bring peace into your daily life so that you are able to live in this world free from fear, anger, jealousy, stress and anxiety? How can you exist in modern society as presence, space, peace, when you are surrounded by anger, fear, hatred and violence?

This book provdes practical pointers (directions) that  will help you become or be this ‘space of peace’. You can be this ‘space of peace’ wherever you are - at a busy work place, a board meeting, at home cooking dinner, rushing to pick up your children, arriving late to the office, or even when you are taking a stroll in a park.  

A New Way of Living - One simple step to a life without fear - Balboa Press USA HAY HOUSE

A New way of Living - One simple step to a life without Fear is a straightforward guide to a life free from fear, anger and stress. It is easy to read, logical and easy to put to practice in our daily life situations. A new way of living does not require time to practice. With discipline you can create it Right here.. Right Now.. instantly in this moment. Try it for yourself. The results are profound.

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A NEW WAY OF LIVING published by Balboa ( HAY HOUSE Publications)  is now available in Kannada  language.  This book is translated into Kannada with the help of Prof. Mohana Kuntar, Kannada University, Hampi, Hampi Yaji and Sheena Nadoli. This book is now available in book stores.


Category: Articles
Author: Santosh Nambiar
Translator: Sheena Nadoli

Guidance : Prof. Mohana Kuntar, Kannada University, Hampi. 
Publisher: Yaji Prakashana
Language: Kannada
ISBN: 978-93-83717-03-3
Book Format : EPUB Books

നൂതനമായ ഒരു ജീവിതശൈലി

Malayalam translation of the book " A New way of Living"  

Published by Kairali Books. 

Author : Santosh Nambiar

Translated by : V. Sudharshan 

Guidance : P Surendran ( Sahithya acadamy winning author) 

Published by :  Kariali  Books, Kannur. 

ISBN : 93-84169-61-9

Publisher : Kairali Books 

We are born, we grow up, we get an education, we get a degree, a job, buy a house or two, have a bank balance, get married, have children, seek happiness through our children - only to find that when they grow up they no longer need us and then we feel lonely and depressed.

During this so-called metamorphosis we accumulate a lot of anger, fear, jealousy, suffering, stress and various kinds of diseases. And then finally, it’s time to die. A life so mediocre!

At some stage of our lives, we may pause to ponder the question - Is this it?

If you are interested in this question, this book does not provide the answer.  Rather, this book asks additional questions that may pave the way for you to uncover the ever-eluding answer lying deep within you. Your own answer for your manifestation on this earth, your own unsung song - your own true calling.The realization of this ever-eluding answer may elevate your life from Mediocrity to one filled with Joy, Freedom, and at best, Creativity.


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